Janice Merlino

Janice Merlino


Janice is the founding Principal at Merlino Media Group with more than 30 years experience in advertising and media. After 17 years at DDB/OMD-Seattle, Janice took six months off for some snowboarding and skiing fun before re-entering the media world to establish Merlino Bauer Media, now Merlino Media Group. Janice’s experience at global ad agencies whose clients ranged from small budget startups to large international brands includes work as Media Director, Context Planner, and Managing Partner.

Profession my Parents hoped for: nurse (ya, that wasn’t in my cards).

First app opened in the morning: Bank of America, to see how much money my kids spent the night before.

Celebrity crush: Robert Downey Jr.

Words to live by: Go big or go home. Author unknown